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2023 Speakers


Della Campbell

President and Chief Financial Officer of the

CNA Travelers Convention

Della is the President and Chief Financial Officer of the CNA Travelers Convention. Della holds her Certified Nursing Assistant Certificates in over 30+ states. Della has been a CNA for 19 years, she is very knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with agencies, recruiters, facilities, contracts, and much more regarding the travel world.


She is the Autor of the CNA Guide To Traveling Binder, (with over 300 binders sold), and she also helped write the chapter in the 2022 Highway Hypodermics book by Kay "Epi" Slane.


She is the Go-To Traveler, and this is her 5th year speaking at the convention.


Joy Hoover

Vice President of the 

CNA Travelers Convention


Joy is the Newly announced Vice president of the CNA Travelers Convention. She has attended the last 4 conventions. Joy holds her certification for 12 years and has them in 30+ states, along with her Medication Aid Certification in several states also.


Joy has been a travel CNA/Medication Aid for the past 8 years. This will be her 3rd year speaking at the convention on CNA Burnouts and Marinating relationships while you travel. 


 Kay Epi Slane

Master of Ceremonies

Highway Hypodermics, LLC® is dedicated to providing quality and up-to-date information to travel nurses around the world to assist them in finding the adventure of a lifetime.  As the longest-running informational website for travel healthcare, run by a practicing travel nurse, it is our mission to bridge the gap between traveling nurses and travel nurse companies.  Only by education on how to be a quality traveling nurse and how to be a quality traveler recruiting agency can we change the image of both sides.

Kay Slane, also known by her pen name “Epstein LaRue”, created Highway Hypodermics, LLC® in 2003 as a precursor to the book, Highway Hypodermics: Your Road Map to Travel Nursing.  The website is intended to supplement the unparalleled information contained in the book and be a trusted resource for veteran travelers and newbies alike to help them discover the road to an adventure of a lifetime.


Since releasing the first book and creating the Highway Hypodermics website, she has also released, Travel Nursing 2007, On The Road Again, Travel Nursing 2012, Travel Nursing 2015, and Travel Nursing 2017.  All of the books since 2007 have continued to hang out on the Amazon bestseller list for Medical Reference and Nursing Trends, Issues, and Roles. 


Joseph Smith

Travel Tax Session


Joseph holds undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Respiratory Therapy and worked as a travel respiratory therapist before founding TravelTax and TravelTax Canada, a tax practice catering to travel healthcare professionals and mobile professionals in other staffing segments. TravelTax is well-known in the healthcare staffing industry and serves a substantial client base of domestic and international mobile professionals, and their staffing agencies.


His firm prepares US, and multi-state returns and represents clients before the IRS, and State Tax Agencies in audits, tax controversies, and litigation support. Joseph is a regular contributor to a number of staffing-related publications/social media.


He is the co-author of the 2015/2017/2019 edition of Highway Hypodermics, serves on the Tax Compliance Committee of the National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations (NATHO), is a regular speaker at the Healthcare Staffing Summit, and teaches tax at local colleges. In addition to his undergraduate degrees, Joseph holds an MS in Taxation from Golden Gate University.


Christianne Dillard 

CEO of CatMed Staff 

Social Media Director

My name, Christianne, means follower of Christ. It dictated my life for me, I attended a Christian head start school, I grew up in the church, my mother is a minister.

Ive known God my whole life. You hear the authority and conviction in voice when speaking on a subject Im passionate and knowledgeable about. Which is typically motivation or encouragement. It took me a long time to acknowledge and accept what others had always condemned and ridiculed me for.

I turned that into one of my favorite things about me. My experience as rehabilitative & geriatric care provider for the past decade has taught me that my words have power. When I speak, I reignite the fire in people they forgot they had


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