2022 Convention Sessions


Jump Start Master Class

*1st Time Travelers

July 14th, 2022 ONLY

*Includes goodie bag, & CNA Guide to Traveling Binder

Master Traveling Jump Start Course will provide 6 hours of detailed content to cover the fundamentals for those new to traveling.


Whether you have been working as a CNA, Medication Aid, for 5 or 25 years, traveling has a unique and different set of challenges. Sessions provide the basics of traveling, what it takes, what’s involved and how to get started.

This information will not be offered during the main convention, it provides the framework of information necessary to fully engage in the convention sessions.

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General Convention Sessions & Skills Classes (CUEs)


4th Annual CNA Travelers Convention

July 15th & 16th, 2022

*Includes goodie bag, entry into Afterparty.

The convention is dedicated to Certified Nursing Assistants and Certified Medication Aides. This event is for new and seasoned travelers who are ready to travel and want a better understanding of the process. We promise that you'll come away from the convention with a whole new set of skills on how to manage your traveling journey!

there will be many different sessions that will be available during the convention, from contracts to housing, and more. 

The Exhibit Room/Hall will have travel agencies with open positions ready to fill ASAP, various individuals/companies who will be speaking, and vendors to purchase from also.

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